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Improving quality of life and reducing economic burden.
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Our Company

Hlectron (pronounced “E-lectron) develops medical systems that utilise the power of Magnetic Nanotechnology, Quantum Spin Bio-Chemistry and electromagnetism to improve the outcome of cancer treatment through enhanced and targeted free radical action.

The development of our innovative technology started more than a decade ago at the Cavendish Laboratory (Department of Physics) of The University of Cambridge. Our clinical data demonstrate the efficacy of Hlectron’s protocols and their potential to increase survival rates of patients with breast cancer, advanced breast cancer, as well as  other cancer types.

Our medical systems, MagTherm and NanoMagTherm, are the outcome of large international, multidisciplinary business innovation research projects. The underpinning technology is based on targeted oxidative stress assault on cancer cells in combination with electromagnetic irradiation, to induce tumour cell death (apoptosis). As an upgrade of MagThem, NanoMagTherm is a system for cancer treatment with the potential to replace systemic chemotherapy, thus minimizing side effects and disruptively improving clinical outcome/quality of life and reducing economic burden. MagTherm has undergone successful human clinical trials, whilst NanoMagTherm has completed successful animal trials. 


MagTherm is a 1st generation technology portable medical system demonstrated to increase the efficacy of standard chemotherapy and survival rates of breast cancer patients by 15% (clinical data from 200 patients monitored for 10 years). The treatment protocol is non-invasive and adjuvant (complementary) to chemotherapy.


NanoMagTherm is a 2nd generation medical system aimed at replacing systemic chemotherapy.

The protocol is invasive and utilises magnetic nanotechnology to trigger cancer cell programmed death (apoptosis).



Spin off Company (Cavendish NanoTherapeutics) formed


Award by Technology Stradegy Board & Royal Society




Long term Survival records of breast cancer patients


Project TOSCA awarded Seal Of Excellence. Hlectron formed


1 mil EUR grant

Partners & Funding

Our Team

HLectron’s team consists of experienced technology entrepreneurs, scientists with expertise in nanotechnology and biomagnetism, biomedical engineers and clinical oncologists.

Dr Thanos Mitrelias, Founder CEO

Experienced technology entrepreneur and executive. PhD in Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge

Dr Marina Tselepi, Founder CSO

Experienced academic, technology entrepreneur in biomagnetism, PhD in Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge

Professor Valerii Orel, CTO

40+ years of expertise in medical engineering, biotechnology