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of HLectron

September 2021

HLectron initiates  a team and partners strengthening endeavour coupled with a fundraising campaign.

February 2020

Project TOSCA, awarded a grant of more than EUR 1 million, is initiated, aimed at mapping the regulatory pathway for HLectron’s two medical systems.

December 2019

HLectron’s proposal (TOSCA) in the SME Instrument Phase 2 programme is awarded a Seal of Excellence, following a highly competitive international evaluation

December 2018

Clinical data of long term survival rates spanning a period of 10 years of breast cancer patients have been analysed and an increase in survival rates of approximately 15% – 20% is demonstrated.

December 2015

Publication in the high impact factor journal Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine, entitled Magnetic properties and antitumor effect of nanocomplexes of iron oxide and doxorubicin.