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Project TOSCA

TOSCA is a business breakthrough innovation project aimed at replacing systemic chemotherapy, thus minimizing side effects and disruptively improving both clinical and economic outcomes of cancer treatment. Thus, TOSCA has the potential to change the dynamics of the healthcare-cancer treatment market, as well as address a major societal challenge. 

The technology platform was developed within the framework of a major collaborative international program launched at the Cavendish Laboratory of the University of Cambridge in 2011, along with the spin off companies Cambridge BioMagnetics (CBM), Cavendish NanoTherapeutics (CNT). The founders of CBM, CNT, founded Hlectron in Greece, transferring know-how in business and science.

The Immediate Impact of TOSCA is lowering the costs of cancer treatment by 15% (for instance, one less chemotherapy session to achieve the same result per therapy cycle), as well as improving the patient’s life, due to less side effects resulting from the reduced therapy time and dose. This will be achieved by increasing the efficacy of current breast cancer treatment protocols by 15% (potentially saving €1 billion per year in Europe alone) by deploying the medical system MagTherm™. 

The Ultimate Impact is replacing systemic chemotherapy, a major breakthrough in cancer treatment that could result in 50% efficacy improvement and cost reduction. To achieve this, HL will market the medical system NanoMagTherm™ to healthcare industry worldwide, addressing more cancer types in addition to breast cancer. TOSCA has the potential to create a new market that is estimated at €600 million in Europe alone.

Awards and Certifications


Project awarded a Development of Prototype grant by The Technology Stradegy Board (now Innovate UK), in Cambridge, UK


HLectron's proposal (TOSCA) in the SME Instrument Phase 2 programme is awarded a Seal of Excellence, following a highly competitive international evaluation


Project TOSCA, awarded a grant of more than EUR 1 million, is initiated, aimed at mapping the regulatory pathway for HLectron's two medical systems

Certificate delivered by the European Commision

as the institution managing Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Reasearch and Innovation 2014-2020